Choosing a new tv for a teenager

There is a lot for one to take in when considering buying a new tv for a teenager. With the ever-changing fashions and styles it can seem a daunting task to find a tv that your teenager will love as well as having all the latest up to the minute features that is required if one is to be seen as cool.  We would recommend the first place to start would be with the technical features of the tv, for example does it have freeview? What about an inbuilt DVD player? Can i plug my xbox/ps3/or what ever the latest console is into it? Well, one thing for sure is that you will most certainly want your new tv to be digital compatible which means that it will require a HDMI socket into which all the latest digital devices can be plugged.

From here we would further recommend ensuring the tv comes with freeview in the UK as this offers a whole host of extra digital tv channels at no extra cost, perfect for keeping the loved ones entertained for hour after hour. As well as this digital freeview channels you will also get access to digital teletext so your teenager can keep up to date on all the latest news, sport and celebrity happenings, certainly a must for any modern teenager. With that said, one of the next big things to consider is whether to incorporate a DVD player into the tv. I guess this will mostly depend on if your teenager already has access to a dvd player as it’s probably not a good idea to buy a new tv with inbuilt dvd player if they already have a separate dvd player that they use with their current tv. However, doing so may free up additional space in their bedroom so it’s certainly worth considering this if space is at a premium in your childs room.

HDMI i would say is a must, not only will it allow your new tv to be connected to a vast array of modern digital devices but can also be used to hook up their desktop pc or laptop should extra screen real estate be needed. On a similar note, s-video can be used by some laptops to connect directly to the tv and with the high-resolution offered by modern HD televisions this is certainly something to keep in mind if your child is a big laptop or computer user.

We would suggest the final item to take into consideration would be if the tv is HD (High Definition) compatible, however thankfully nearly all modern tv’s manufactured are hd compatible which will allow you to get the best possible quality of picture and give stunning high detail closeups. Which as your teenager will likely agree is great for swooning over the latest pop star superstar.

Overall as long as you’re buying a recently manufactured tv then you can’t really go wrong with your choice, just make sure you purchase it from a reputable retailer to ensure your warranty and guarantee aspects are safely covered and your new tv is sure to bring delight and smiles to the face of your teenager for many a year to come.

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