A pink TV buyers guide, Part 1

With the vast array of options available in a modern tv, choosing the right pink tv can seem a daunting task with the number of abbreviations and acronyms quite simply mind-boggling. However feat not, for the aim of this guide is to hopefully provide you with the knowledge of what exactly these are and help you to make in informed decision when purchasing your new TV.


Modern TV’s come in a huge range of sizes from 15″ which is commonly refered to as portable tv’s right on up to the massive 54″ widescreen tv’s and this is arguably one of the main points you will need to give thought to when considering a new TV. The simple fact is that no matter how beautiful your new TV looks, it’s not going to be of much use to you if it doesn’t fit in the space you have for it in your home theatre system or whichever room you plan on placing it. Another thing you may wish to consider is the viewing distance between your tv screen and where your eyeballs will usually be. For example, if you buy a huge 54″ TV and place it in a position where the average viewer is going to be sitting very close to the tv then it’s not going to be comfortable to watch tv for an extended period of time and can possibly lead to eye strain. So this is certainly something that you will need to keep in mind when browsing pink tv’s.

HD Ready

A question we often get asked here at Pink Tv is what exactly is HD and do i need it/have it already? Well HD stands for High Definition and simply put, it offers an increased level of fine detail in tv images. HD ready TV’s are capable of showing a much sharper and clearer image than standard tv’s, however the keyword here is “capable”. What we mean by this is because a tv is HD ready, it’s not just a case of getting the tv and plugging it in to enjoy the higher quality picture. You must also have an HD capable set-top box that can receive HD channels and display them on your TV. If you’re a Sky or Virgin Media customer then likelihood is you’ve already seen advertising for a HD compatible service and their associated channels and it’s with one of these HD ready services that you will be able to enjoy your new HD ready TV in all its crystal clear glory.


We’re a big fan of Freeview here at Pink TV, and if you haven’t already experienced the joys that Freeview brings then you certainly will at some point in the future, as it’s the government’s intention to have everybody in the UK switched over to Digital service before the year 2012. This process has been ongoing for some years now and will continue to do so, gradually everyone will be moved over to digital service instead of the current analogue service. So eventually everybody will be on digital, either through current providers such as Sky or Virgin Media, and/or likely Freeview. Freeview is great in our opinion and offers a large number of extra channels when compared to the standard analogue service as well as an electronic Programme Guide so you can see whats on tv now/next as well as the unique top up tv, allowing you to buy extra channels / movies on a one-off basis as well as currently 20 digital radio stations which you can listen to direct from your TV. Thankfully almost all of the TV’s you will find here at Pink TV come with an integrated Freeview tuner so you can rest assured you will be ready for the big changeover in 2012.

Check back soon for Part 2 of our Buyers Guide, including details on DVD and Live TV…

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