LCD TV Stand in Pink with Clear Glass

Pink TV Stand

We recently came across this beautiful pink television stand which comes complete with clear glass shelving and i have to admit we were blown away by it. It truly is a beautiful tv stand and best of all, it comes in a delicious pink! With multiple varied height shelves it’s perfect for standing up to a 24″ tv on as well as any other audio-visual equipment you may have such as dvd players, Wii or other games consoles and still have plenty of room to spare. So if space is at a premium in your childs bedroom then this gorgeous tv stand could certainly help you make the most of your available space and tidy up loose cables and connections, keeping everything neat and out-of-the-way.

However this pink tv stand certainly isn’t just for the bedroom, it’s versatility makes it ideal for virtually any room of the house and with a fully enclosed cable system it will help keep any nasty cables firmly out of sight and harms way. As said, we really like this tv stand, so much in fact that I’ve ordered one for my own daughter as she is mostly certainly obsessed with all things pink and this tv stand will make a great addition to her pink themed bedroom and is sure to make her the envy of all her friends.

Sadly this beautiful stand is no longer available, you may however be interested in this alternative pink tv stand which, whilst a little more pricey, could be that perfect accompaniment to the room in question.

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