Disney Princess TV Pink Television

Disney Princess Pink TV

This cute little 14″ pink tv is themed around Disney princess and makes the ideal gift for the little princess in your life. It has a really attractive pink heart-shaped design with integrated speakers, and is the perfect gift for your little darlings birthday, christmas or even just as a surprise. It’s simple controls mounted on the lower front of the tv are ideal for use by children of any age and with sockets for plugging in a Playstation and earphones, it’s sure to keep your little darling occupied and quiet!

However, as you may expect this pink tv isn’t the most feature rich of tv’s with just the most basic of sockets and no HDMI or inbuilt DVD. Not even a hint of Freeview, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on your point of view. That said, its sturdy design and unique looks do help it to stand out and make it the ideal choice when looking for a pink tv for your princess. Just don’t expect to be hooking this one up to your home theatre system! At around £160 at the time of going, it’s not exactly the cheapest either, so unless you’re specifically looking for a Disney princess related tv then you may be better off checking out some alternative options.

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