19″ Pink LCD Multi Region DVD + USB Record

19 inch pink lcd tv with multi region dvd

This great little pink tv has something we’ve yet to come across on most of the tv’s reviewed so far, and that is the ability to pause live TV! What this means is that if you’re watching tv and the phone rings, you can pause the live TV whilst you answer the phone, then when you return to the tv simply unpause and your favourite show will continue right where you left off! Not only that but it also has the ability to record TV programs via the inbuilt electronic programme guide, just like you would with a traditional VCR. Sounds great huh? Well yes, however there is one small catch, and that is that you will need a USB memory stick in order to get the best out of these features. Thankfully however such memory sticks are relatively cheap these days and are becoming more and more common place.

As you’ve no likely come to expect by now, this pink tv also features the usual HD ready, freeview and inbuilt DVD player, in this case the DVD player is truly multi region meaning you can watch a DVD from anywhere in the world on it without worry about compatibility problems. This TV is really packed with features and comes highly recommended. If i had to pick fault with it, it would be the colour as the pink is a little light for me, however i dare say that’s a personal preference and certainly shouldn’t put you off from considering this great little offering.


  • Inbuilt Freeview
  • Integrated Multi region DVD player
  • Pause & record live TV!
  • HD Ready
  • HDMI & Scart sockets

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